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Mori Engineered Hardwood

Mori Engineered Flooring | Japanese System Engineered Floor

"MORI "means "forest" in Japanese. In Japan, timber floor is very common and being used for centuries. In fact the Japanese loves them so much that they practically sleep on them, heated too to keep them warm during winter. Who knows  better  about timber floor technology when it comes to making great timber floors and knowing what is best for the environment.

As great as the tech savvy innovation the Japanese have brought to the world , multilayered  Japanese Engineered Floor System in MORI have brought  high strides in advancement to timber floor technology in terms of wood stability and performance while maintaining the natural  properties and feel of wood.

Mori Engineered Hardwood

Wood flooring can be many things to all homeowners. Being a very versatile material, it can lift the overall ambience of a home depending on its intended design style. Darker timbers lends to an overall classy feel, while woods that has lots of apparent grains and knot marks gives a lot of ruggedness. On the flip side, lighter colour species can give a contemporary and bright setting to a modern abode.

Whichever design style, real wood flooring has common characteristics that most homeowners agree on: it gives a natural warmness, beauty that is hard to tire of, comfortable to walk on and to touch, durable yet easy to care for, and adds value to a home. It is also naturally healthy as its surface does not collect dust or attracts dust mites which contribute to asthma or other respiratory ailments.

Engineered Timber Flooring is widely accepted as the most stable type of wood flooring in environments where moisture is a concern. An inherent characteristic of timber is the absorption and drying of moisture, which cause structural expansion and contraction. As an internal floor covering, this will mean gapping, warping, cupping or buckling risks for solid wood floors.

Mori Engineered Hardwood-Home

Engineered Timber Flooring addresses these inherent weaknesses by massaging the structure to reduce these risks considerably. By virtue of its stable structure, traditional rules in owning wood flooring have been rewritten. No more do owners have to put up with lengthy installation times, messy grinding also during installation and subsequent repairs, and the worry that it might warp one day.

This stability allows the product coating to be applied at the factory, hence avoiding the need for on-site grinding and subsequent varnishing. An added bonus is that the coating can be UV cured at factory, making the product surface many times more durable than the conventional hand applied PU coating used for on-site varnishing of solid timber floors. 

The tough UV coating makes maintenance very easy as well. No more do homeowners have to use special wax to protect and shine their floors. Instead, a normal squeeze dry mop is all that is needed to maintain the surface at factory condition. 

Mori Engineered Hardwood-Staircase

At Mori Engineered Hardwood Flooring, the wood’s stability & durability is manifested in the lifetime structural warranty, which conforms to the very strict Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS). In addition, the factory multi-layers UV coating ensures that it will not wear-off, stain or discolour for at least 10 years.

Mori Koten Series: A range designed to showcase the natural beauty of individual timber species, for the more discerning buyer. Bigger strip size, with micro bevel edges, ensures unparalleled, quality elegance and will make your floor the conversational piece. Protected with ToughCoat.

Species: Various exotic and temperate species - Burmese Teak, Jatoba, American Walnut, American Cherry, Maple, White Oak.

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