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Collaboration with PNZ | Wood Garde Coating Services Sdn Bhd

  • The PNZ-Produkte GmbH from Germany is a member of an international group of companies producing and distributing world-wide, high quality, environmental friendly wood coatings based on renewable raw materials.  
  • Together with our partners, Wood Garde Coating Services Sdn Bhd, sole agent for the distribution of  PNZ-Produkte GmbH products in the Asia region, we are embarking in an exciting phase of using high quality environmental friendly products to the residential and commercial, mainly of upper class public or private construction industry. 





Waterborne Polyurethane

Waterborne Polyurethane - Wood Parquet Flooring Finishes.


One component waterborne acrylic-urethane coatings for onsite parquet finishing. These products are especially formulated for manual application by brush, hand roller or scrapper. These products are nontoxic and comply to EN 71-3 standard. Due to good leveling, clarity and hardness, the products produce a durable finish when applied as multi-layer coating (2 - 3 layers) – depends on wood substrate.

  • SAFE - Non hazardous and non-flammable material.

  • SAFE - VOC, <50g/Kg thus compliant with the European Air Pollution Act of 1990.

  • SAFE - Complies with EN 71: "No migration of hazardous elements such as heavy metals."

  • SAFE - No obnoxious odour during and after application.

  • DURABLE - Highly durable and protective polyurethane coatings.

  • FAST - Fast drying at ambient conditions.


Wood Parquet Coating



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